yoga and cell phones

I think most people understand what yoga is don’t they? Yes, it is a form of exercise but it is a mental and spiritual discipline. Classes tend to be slower than other forms of exercise and they tend to be on the quiet side. I also think that most of us that attend these classes rather expect some peace and quiet while we concentrate and relax.

Well it was recently reported that a yoga teacher was fired. She taught at several different locations, one of which was a very well-known social network company. She begins all of her classes asking the attendees to turn off their cell phones but apparently one person did not do so and in fact began to use her phone during the class. The instructor did not say anything to her at all, however, did apparently give her a strict look.

Yes this situation took place in Silicon Valley where people do feel entitled and feel the need to remain connected. But truly what can possibly be so important that it can’t wait for an hour? Did anyone else not even notice since it was after all located at a large social media firm in Silicon Valley?

And does that actually excuse anything? I wonder what would have happened had this situation taken place somewhere in mid America? Do we really need to stay connected 24 hours a day? What would happen if we did not respond to something right away?

At some point we need to remember that there is a courtesy toward others that should be respected. At some point people need to realize that there are places in which “staying connected” is not acceptable. If you are going to a yoga class you should realize this, especially if the instructor requests no cell phones at the beginning of class. People…the world will not end if you do not respond to a message or check your social media right away. That is a promise I can make to you (well unless you are the president!)


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