I love photography and truly admire great photographers. I always felt my father was one of them and was very proud of that. I love taking pictures but don’t feel that I have that good eye that a really good photographer has. And I have been driving along, mostly on back country roads, when I will see something that would make a nice photo. But there is no place to stop and pull over. So how do those other folks do that? Aren’t they ever afraid they might get hit? I am…

So yes, I’m going to bore you with some photographs of mine every once in a while. Those posts will probably be during times that I just don’t feel like writing or have nothing to write about or can’t think of how to say what I want to say – which tends to be quite often these days.

Walking pathI live in wine country in northern California. It really is a beautiful area with lots of open area still. There are many and yes, I really do mean many vineyards. They can be interesting to photograph and I certainly have a few of those. But there are also many open fields, cows, the ocean of which I live about 30 minutes from. There are some beautiful parks and there are areas with some wonderful old Redwoods which are some of my favorite trees.

I hope I don’t bore you too much with these…


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