the internet – part 1

Ok, I love technology. And yes, I love the internet. And I admit I am probably on the internet way too much. But I have a gripe about it which is mostly about sites that provide specific information about software or new items such as new phones or computers. Or I suppose really any site that provides information of any sort.

I was reading up on something just the other day – I think trying to compare some software. Ran across a website that sounded pretty good and had some decent write-ups. But when I went to look for some other information I realized that the website I was looking at was very outdated. The article had been written in April. Ok then should be good right? Well not necessarily as it never indicated what year it was written in.

I think there should be an international law that states that every single post anywhere on the internet should be dated with the month, day and year that it was written.

And the second international law should be that all search engines look at those dates when we are researching things and put the newest items first. Yea, you would think that would be the way it is but I guarantee that in my research of things it does not work that way.

And yes, I’m sure there will be more on this topic or at least dealing with the internet in the future.


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