photo frenzy…

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Oh my goodness. I had actually planned on posting this morning. But then I decided to make Friday’s the day for photos. Well that meant that I had to go through and organize some.  Ok, so that took just about all day. I had to go through and pick the ones I wanted to show, I had to size them and then watermark them. I have several folders now under my “blog” folder that are just photos. Oh, but I have so many more to go through.

But I thought I would start with some rather fun ones. Well at least I think they are. As I was driving around my rather small town one day I noticed something at the high school. At first I thought it to be graffiti but as I got closer realized it was not. Luckily this was a Sunday afternoon and school was not in session. The murals were all over the campus and honestly, I just fell in love with them. Yep, some are better than others but they are all still art.

There are quite a few here so will probably only post about half now and perhaps half at a later date.  Honestly, I’m still working things out and am not totally sure that I know how to do the photos here. But I will learn – eventually.


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