well I’m going to do it…

I have never been an exerciser or dieter. Actually for most of my life I never had to worry about it. I could eat what I wanted and never gained weight. But boy I hit the dreaded 50 and wow, everything just changed for me.

Recently I joined a couple of meet-up groups. One of them is a walking/hiking group. Generally the hikes are around 3 or 4 miles. Those are tough on me but so far have been able to do them. Well today we are going on a 6 mile hike. Yikes!!

Hopefully I will make it and will be able to tell all about it. Wish me well.


UPDATE:  Well by my pedometer I did 5.81 miles and burned 719 calories. It was pretty hilly and rocky but really beautiful. So glad I did it! But boy do my feet hurt!


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