she hates technology…

is what a friend stated last night. When asked why she hated it she replied that it has turned people into being rude. I suggested to her, quite strongly I might add, that perhaps it wasn’t technology that she hated but the way society has interacted with technology. No, she was adamant that it was technology. Several of us agreed that it really isn’t technology as technology (ie, computers, tablets, phones, etc) can only do what they are programed (by humans I might add) to do.

I too feel that society has not yet learned how to deal with technology. We still see people walking around talking, rather loudly at that, on the phone. And surprisingly many, if not most, of the conversations I have overhead have been of a personal nature.

When people really began to use cell phone on a fairly regular basis and friend of mine and I went to dinner. Just before we were served our entrees he answered his phone and proceeded to talk to his daughter. It was not an urgent call by any stretch of the imagination. As I sat there basically twiddling my thumbs he continued to talk. Eventually I placed some money on the table and got up and walked out. He later called me to see if everything was alright. I explained it was and that I did not appreciate him talking on the phone while we were supposed to be at dinner. He honestly did not understand. That is until about a month later when he was at dinner with another friend. The other friend took a call and continued with apparently a rather long discussion about a mutual friend. He called me the following day and apologized. He is now very conscious of turning his phone off.

But so many people seem to feel that the world is just going to stop if they don’t respond to a text or email or phone call immediately. But I have to ask what exactly is all that important? Even I business many of those calls and emails can wait even an hour or so.
No, it is not technology my friend hates but it is how society has come to treat technology. Perhaps we could all do our share and step away from it once in a while.


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