it happened again…

While I was listening/watching the news last night I again felt a bit frustrated. While there were several stories there are two I want to concentrate on.

The first was about an individual who apparently tortured a dog. I really didn’t hear, or perhaps understand, the reason for that. Though in all honesty there really is no good reason for it.  They spent quite a bit of time on this story and interviewed several individuals about it. It was indeed a rather sad, moving piece.

The second story I wanted to mention was that of an accident that took place in which a woman and her 1 year old were injured. This was a tragic accident which should never have taken place. The woman and her two children were walking legally in the crosswalk when the two were struck by a vehicle. Thankfully they are both alright.

What I noticed last night, and it was certainly not the first time, was the story about the dog was the lead story. They took quite a bit of time with this one with numerous photos and interviews.  It was then about 10 minutes later that they did the story of the woman and her child being struck. As I mentioned this is not the first time I have noticed that the stories dealing with animals get much more attention than those dealing with children. In fact I recall several years ago an incident of child molestation came out the same day that some kids tortured a dog while laughing about it. Again the dog story got much more air time than did the story about the child.

Am I missing something? Or does our society truly feel pets are that much more important than human beings, especially children?  I have several friends that are staunch animal rights people. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. But if I have the choice I will fight for children way over and above animals.  I actually believe they are much more important.  And it may be that I really am missing something. Or I don’t understand the news business (which is true, I don’t).


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  1. Toad

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    I myself am a firm believer that children are the center of the human race and elderly have gotten, the human race to where we are today…

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