that of course is the question so many are asking. It is a question that will most likely remain for many years to come with no true answer. Does not knowing the why make it harder? I’m not sure really, but then again I am not in the situation to know that answer, thankfully. What does make some people go a bit bonkers and do these mass killings when others in perhaps very similar situations sit back and just go on with their own lives?

And of course we have begun to, once again hear talk of stricter gun control. But honestly, it really makes no difference how much you talk about the gun control or how much you might try to control it…the bad guys with always find their guns. Remember it is not the guns that do these horrific things but the people holding those guns. How you stop or control that is certainly not as easy as just passing a law.

I certainly cannot imagine what the people in Aurora are going through right now. Even those that were not directly involved have been affected by this tragedy. And I’m sure that all those people that have ever been involved in anything similar are feeling both their own pain once again as well as pain for those that were there at the movie theater the other night.

My heart goes out to those that have been affected by this individual in Aurora.


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