I know someone…

Who could be any one of us. And that scares me.  Why? Because in just a couple of days she will be homeless.

Her story is a long one that I certainly could not tell as I know that even I do not know the entire story.  I do know that much of it has to do with health issues. And for reasons that I could never possibly understand social security denied her claim. Yes, we all know that they automatically deny the first time around – which is a whole ‘nuther issue in itself – but she was denied the second time around as well. Good grief people…she cannot work! Do we not take care of our own people? Apparently not! Oh and that gets into yet another issue that I could write about (and probably will at some point).

I do not personally know her as we met online and live in different states. But that certainly does not mean that we cannot be friends as I do think that we have become good friends.

Unfortunately I am currently unemployed (oops, I see another post for that issue) and cannot help her as I would love to be able to do.

I feel for her – not only for her health issues but for everything she has been through in the last couple of years. And I feel for her for what she is about to embark on. It is not a journey that anyone of us ever imagined we would ever take. And yet I believe there are many more like her that so many of us are unaware of.

I will be following her blog and she tells of the next journey she is about to embark upon. Why? Because not only do I care deeply about her but also because I realize that it could very easily be me next to become homeless.


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  1. i guess we are all closer than we think, good luck to you

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