on writing in this new age

It’s a new world – I get that. Well ok, it is for some of us of a certain age anyway. And I love most of what this new world has brought us in the way of technology. It has given us great ways to stay in touch, communicate and work. But it has also done other things that, well I don’t think are really all that great.

I have several friends that are, of course, of a certain age, that are intelligent individuals. One is a friend both in real life and on Facebook while the other is a friend in real life and email. Both of these women speak very well and intelligently. But with the first one there are many (and yes I mean many) times that I have such difficulty reading her emails and postings. Why? Because she uses abbreviations so much that I have no idea what they mean. The second person while I do totally understand all of her writings I find it difficult to understand how someone of her age cannot spell certain words. She is now retired but worked for many years in an office and I rather doubt she would have been able to get away with that there. The words she misspells are words that the younger generation are using more and more.

Am I wrong to think that good grammar and spelling are still very important skills to obtain and retain? Is it the fact that these people really don’t know the rules of spelling or grammar or have they just become lazy? I’m really not all that sure. The gal that is retired will most likely never have to worry again if her spelling is correct and probably really doesn’t care. But I fear for the younger generation who are using all of the abbreviations and shortened versions of words

IDK what is wrong…prolly just a bit lazy JMHO. JTOL that there really is much more I could say on this topic…which I most likely will at some point. TTYL.


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