foto friday…st. helens mission

Driving out along the coast (this would be north of the San Francisco Bay) are many wonderful backroads that can be taken. They go nowhere but always end up somewhere. You drive through vineyards, and open fields, perhaps ranches with both old and new barns and animals. It is wide open space that people around here seem to love. While driving these roads one can feel as though they are the only people out there…one with nature. Then a curve is taken and parked along the side of the road is a group of motorcyclists, enjoying the same beautiful view as you are. That was how I felt as I drove along this beautiful road on one of the most wonderful spring days. Windows and sunroof wide open, great music playing and me. Yes I was alone but loving every second of it. Then around another curve I discovered (though I’m sure I’m not the first to do so) the lovely little church. What a gem!


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