living alone…

So just this morning I looked, as I always do, at the Freshly Pressed page at WordPress. I found a wonderful post by a young, beautiful woman about living alone. Initially I was just going to respond to her post but then thought I would reblog it (took some time to read about reblogging and will give it a try). But it is rather long and I don’t like using up too much space with just one post. But then I began to think about myself and the fact that I have lived alone for over 30 years and here she is, perhaps around 25, and writing a post that easily could have been written by me, a woman of a certain age. We are not that different…the 25 (or so) woman and the woman of a certain age.

I love living alone. I am free to be me whoever that may be. Things I love about living alone are:

I listen to my music, read my books, watch my TV.
I cook or not,
I clean my mess – not someone else’s.
I don’t have to call if I’m running late or I don’t have to go home at all.
I don’t have to worry about it if someone else is not home on time or if dinner will be ready for them.
I don’t have to wait for the bathroom.
I don’t close my doors.
I don’t always put things away right away.
I clean the house at midnight.
I play on the computer at 2:30 a.m.
I have my things in my house – not someone else’s

I have often considered getting a roommate. Ok, so I have considered that for 30 years. I do not have a roommate. I have considered getting a pet. No I do not yet have one. Think I need to continue to consider that perhaps another 30 years.

People have asked me if I get lonely. The answer is No. Just because one lives alone or is alone does not mean they are lonely. In fact I view people such as me as being more in tune with ourselves. We know who we are, we are comfortable with who we are. We can entertain ourselves when we are alone. We can go out with people if we feel the need. We are not loners though we love living alone.



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2 responses to “living alone…

  1. The Smile Scavenger

    I admire you for this. I have never lived alone for very long, having grown up in a very enmeshed family, then having college roommates for financial reasons, then meeting my partner Sara during college and moving in together afterward. I’ve sometimes wondered what I would be like by myself or what I don’t know about myself. Not that I would give up Sara, but I do wonder.

    • I think personally that it is much more difficult to live with someone. And yes you do learn many things about yourself whether you live alone or with someone – just different things. In some ways (just a few mind you) I would love to live with someone again but boy howdy it sure would be difficulty – for both of us!

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