social media

has, in my mind gone a bit too far. Sure I have a Facebook page but honestly that is to keep in touch with friends and family. It really is. I do not have hundreds of friends on there. In fact I have fewer than 50 Facebook friends. And if I don’t know you I doubt that I would accept your “friends” request.

It isn’t that I dislike Facebook but it really is pretty much the only “social media” site that I use. I don’t use Twitter and really don’t understand that and am not sure really what other social media sites there are out there.

But I must say that I do tend to get a bit frustrated and a bit perturbed at time. It seems that everything is now linked in one way or another to Facebook. And frankly my dear…I don’t want things linked to my Facebook.

I wanted to post a comment about an article on a newspaper site (local paper) but had to use my FB account to do so. What??? Why???

And Pintrest links (or can link) to FB. Now why do I want to show everyone on FB what I happen to like on Pintrest? Frankly I doubt that they would even care?

I have been walking and hiking lately and have downloaded a couple of apps to try to help me keep track of what I have done. Many of them also link to FB. Yes, I have a choice but come on…lighten up a bit. No one really cares how far I have walked.

I have separate lives in that I say things on here that I would never consider saying on Facebook. I “like” things or share things on Facebook that are most likely not really applicable to post on here.

If I want my friends and family to know what I like on Pintrest, what kind of comments I make or how far I walk I will most certainly let them know. But in all honesty I’m a bit turned off with everything linking somehow to Facebook. I suppose this really is the way that social media is taking but don’t we already give out perhaps a bit too much of ourselves?

And yes…before everyone gets all over me I am well aware that you don’t have to link everything. Well except for the newspaper.



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5 responses to “social media

  1. The Smile Scavenger

    My mom made a separate, fake FB account in order to link to things without giving up her private info.

    I agree – social media has become a bit dizzying. I barely use FB, don’t have Twitter, etc. I do love to use Goodreads, but I consider it a book-version of Pandora, not “social media”. I don’t talk to other people on there, I just read book reviews. I don’t even know what’s considered “social media” anymore… it seems like every website is adding a “friends” capability.

  2. Alex Jones

    I identify with what you are saying. I hate Facebook, but I use Twitter and will be about to use Pinterest. I like your attitude about only friending those you know personally.

  3. Your mom sounds like a very smart woman and I just may have to copy her idea.

    LOL…so glad that some so much my junior is as confused about social media as I am.

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