I think I have a boyfriend…

New guy has been around quite a bit lately. I mean a lot. And honestly, it has been fun. It has been so dang long since I have been in any type of relationship with someone of the opposite sex that I wasn’t sure how to act or what the heck to do. But he makes it just so darn easy to just be myself. And he likes me…he really likes me!

We went on a day trip the other day in which we drove along the coast. We stopped here and there and walked and talked and ate and just did whatever we wanted to do. It turned out to be a really wonderful day.

I have seen his house which is much smaller than mine. But it is also totally cute and much neater and cleaner than mine! Wow how many of us can say that?

He is considerate in that he takes off his shoes before coming in (a habit I should get into), and he makes the bed while I’m in the shower. Yep, you read that right…he makes the bed – without me even saying anything about it.

But most important – he makes me laugh, he makes me smile and he makes me feel comfortable. Yea, I think New Guy is going to be around for a while…a long while I hope!


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