I despise stupid people…

And I especially hate them while driving. Generally speaking I only get road rage while in parking lots. Do people not realize that other people, including children and people of a certain age might just be walking through a parking lot? Don’t you think they should maybe, just maybe slow down a bit? You know so that they don’t hit them?

But then we get to the people walking through the parking lots who feel they have every right to be right in the very middle of where the cars go. And even when, or maybe especially when, they know a car is behind them walk ever so slow right in the middle where the cars go.

Then there are the people that just back out of their spaces with no regard whatsoever to those around them. Hey they want out and they want out now so by golly there they go! Oh and do not, I mean do not get me started on the people that drive, or try to drive, the big trucks that have no clue how the heck to park them!! Nope we won’t even go there!!

But lately my road rage has gone further than the parking lot. I used to not be so concerned about driving on the road as I am well aware that is where all the idiots are so I just went with it. But lately it seems more and more of these idiots are driving on my roads.

For instance one road I take almost every day has a truly bad intersection. It is like a “T” so there is cross traffic that does not stop. This has been a bad area for many years but I could put up with it. Well they have been doing some pretty major construction there and while it will be great when it is done that will take a while. It is sometimes very difficult to make that left turn and most people who use this road are well aware of that. So why then do so many drivers not use the turn signal? You know it is called a turn signal for a reason. There really are some good reasons to use it. You know, maybe let someone know that you will be turning or even changing lanes. I sat at that stop sign yesterday while I counted 15 cars all in a row that turned and not one of them had their signal on. At least five of us would have been able to turn left had they used their turn signals. But I suppose it really is quite an effort for some people to turn them on.


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