We seemed to all move right into our new lives with really very little problems. At least I don’t recall any if there were some. I loved where I was living and I saw my sister every day at school.  We would go “home” for vacations and be able to spend time with our parents.

During just about every single vacation home we would go on a trip somewhere. Some were just short little things while others were quite adventurous. We would go up to a resort area not all that far away. They had a huge swimming pool with the absolute longest slide into a pool I have ever seen – even to this day. But the water in the pool was ice cold! Oh we had a blast anyway and loved going up there.

 We would go to other areas on the island of Java and hike up into the volcanos, or look at the huge temples. Or we would go to Bali. I do believe Bali was a favorite for all of us. Remember this was in the very early 1960’s so it did not have any big tourist hotels. There were only the little hotels located along the beaches…and they were fabulous. We spent several Christmas vacations there, including one in which we had Christmas dinner (ok, could have been Thanksgiving) on the hospital ship Hope. I remember that one well as we had milk which I swear was the best ever produced.

Yes, there were many, many trips but I am not going to go into those. They would take many pages to write and honestly, I’m not so sure I can remember all of them. I do know that they were all very exciting and wonderful.

We also eventually made friends with the people of the village directly across the street from us.  Even without being able to communicate I played with a couple of little girls over there quite a bit. And yes, I ate whatever it was they ate and yes, I used their little houses above the river as well.

Life was different for us then. But life was good for us as well. We all seemed to excel and grow tremendously in many different ways.

Then one day it all ended. My mother got word to the American Consulate in Singapore to have her help us get ready to leave. My father had a spot on his lung and we were headed home to make sure he got the best care possible.

My sister, AJ and I left Singapore on a PanAm flight. The captain of that flight was the man who had purchased our home back in the states. He would fly us home and then take us back to the house we had left but that was no longer ours. We would begin school while we stayed with them until my parents arrived a few months later. Big changes were about to take place for me.


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