it’s back on…

the relationship that is.  Yes I did the cowardly thing and wrote him an email – as opposed to just calling him.  It was an agonizing three hours before he responded with a telephone call. We talked briefly before agreeing that we should talk in person. So I headed over to his house – after packing an overnight bag. He opened the door to let me in and immediately put his arms around me, which is, of course exactly what I needed.

We had a good laugh as it turned out that we were both emailing the same person. She was having a housewarming party the next day and he had written to her saying he couldn’t go due to “complications”. He never actually told her what those were though. But she then emailed me to ask if I would be there to which Isaid yes but that he and I had split up. She emailed both of us throughout the day but never once let on that she was doing so. We both read each other’s and had a good laugh.

But we also talked, and talked, and talked. Well we drove too. Both of us thoroughly enjoy being in the car and both of us enjoy driving. But I let him drive this time, though possibly should not have. We drove up to a little touristy town not far from us and as soon as we got out it dawned on him the keys were still in the car. Which was of course locked! So while waiting for the tow truck to come we walked around and ended up having a small dinner.

By the time we got home to his house things were really looking good for us. We stayed at his house that night for the first time and it felt really good.

We spent the rest of the weekend together and actually talked a bit about the future. Yes, we both do see a future together. We are learning to communicate with each other and learning each other’s little quirks. Yes, we all have them don’t we? We are learning about what the other wants and what bothers each other. One of the things in my email to him was that it had only been two months and to please not write me off just yet.  We need to remember that…all of us. It takes time and effort to make or break a relationship. Something I have not had to do in quite a few years. I have every intention on making this relationship work!



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2 responses to “it’s back on…

  1. The Smile Scavenger

    🙂 I am happy that you are enjoying yourself. That is the very most important thing. I hope things work out exactly as they should.

    • Many thanks! They seem to be working out quite well. Have spent some time talking and just really trying to learn and understand each other. It has been so long for me that I’m not sure I really knew (or know) how to be in a relationship! But not to worry…I’m learning!

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