Ok, so I am not much of a blogger. I find I don’t have a lot to say, though I know that somewhere deep inside of me there is stuff I would like to get out. But it is also a time thing as well. Where on earth does everyone find the time to write such wonderful, funny, heartfelt, informative posts? Ok, the thing is that I work from home…I should be able to find the time. At least one would think I should be able to.

When I started this blog I really felt that I could do so on a somewhat daily basis. Or, at the very least several times a week. I do have the time but it is finding things to write that I have problems with. And frankly when I look at other bloggers – many of whom I follow – I realize my writing just totally sucks! At least in my mind it does.

And some of the blogs I follow are personal ones in which they talk about their lives. A few of them are just so darn funny and thoughtful. So I look at my life and think – boring!! What the heck do I write about? I have no children – ok, I do have one son but he is an adult and has his own family. So writing about the kids is out. I don’t have a husband – haven’t had one for over 35 years – so that one is out too. Yep, new boyfriend is still around but not sure how to write about that one. As mentioned I work from home so can’t really talk about work and the office politics – thankfully!

What oh what do I do with this blog? Would love to be more of a photographer as I love photography but honestly when I take my camera out I just keep seeing the same things over and over and over. Again – boring!!

Initially I had thought that I could do a few posts about my attempts at crafts. Now that would get people laughing as I am realizing I am not a crafty person. Though I do wish I was and I do keep trying.

Politics? Sure I could write about that but aren’t there enough political blogs already? And who the heck wants to hear my thoughts on that? Besides the election is almost here and the good stuff will be over shortly. Thankfully!!

I will continue with this blog though. I love to see that other people have “liked” something I wrote or posted. Now come on…how fun is that anyway??? Or comments…I love them! So yes…I will continue on with my journey in blogging. Though I can’t say that it will be on a regular basis. Hopefully at least once a week…or maybe more if I find something to say!



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  1. Sometimes it is hard to find something to write about but my problem is more to do with my mood! If I’m in a good frame of mind it’s relatively easy, but if l’m having a fit of the glums for whatever reason then it’s impossible. Mercifully I’m generally a pretty up-beat sort of girl! Keep blogging Kendra and whatever you have to say, I shall enjoy reading it 🙂

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