What a strange contrast there is between the east coast and the west coast. Oh, yes, there has always been contrast between us. Almost to the point of wondering if we are all even part of the same country.

But today the contrast is so pronounced. Living on the West coast, very near San Francisco, I hear about the parade to be held in the city a bit later today honoring the World Series Giants. Yes it is a wonderful, exciting time for Giants fans all over the bay area. Well actually even if you are not a Giants fan it is hard not to get into the excitement of their win and the parade.

And yet on the other coast there is devastation, the likes of which they have never seen before. Homes, schools, workplaces are demolished. Roads are impassable. Subways are closed and will be for some time. Power is out all over, cell towers are down. Stores are closed.

The contrast between the two coasts today is dramatic. And yet we are the same country. It shows in wonderful ways. Power companies out here are sending trucks, equipment and people to help get power back on. Search and rescue crews from all over are being sent out to help locate those in need. Red Cross volunteers are already there helping to set up shelters. People from all over are giving in different ways. Once again the country will come together to help out those in need. We will come together regardless of skin color, religious beliefs or politics.

The contrast is great today as we see joy and excitement on one coast and total devastation on the other. One coast will be helping out the other in any way possible. We are one country and we will survive and we will move forward. And even though the contrast between the coasts will remain the love and the caring will also always remain.


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