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What a strange contrast there is between the east coast and the west coast. Oh, yes, there has always been contrast between us. Almost to the point of wondering if we are all even part of the same country.

But today the contrast is so pronounced. Living on the West coast, very near San Francisco, I hear about the parade to be held in the city a bit later today honoring the World Series Giants. Yes it is a wonderful, exciting time for Giants fans all over the bay area. Well actually even if you are not a Giants fan it is hard not to get into the excitement of their win and the parade.

And yet on the other coast there is devastation, the likes of which they have never seen before. Homes, schools, workplaces are demolished. Roads are impassable. Subways are closed and will be for some time. Power is out all over, cell towers are down. Stores are closed.

The contrast between the two coasts today is dramatic. And yet we are the same country. It shows in wonderful ways. Power companies out here are sending trucks, equipment and people to help get power back on. Search and rescue crews from all over are being sent out to help locate those in need. Red Cross volunteers are already there helping to set up shelters. People from all over are giving in different ways. Once again the country will come together to help out those in need. We will come together regardless of skin color, religious beliefs or politics.

The contrast is great today as we see joy and excitement on one coast and total devastation on the other. One coast will be helping out the other in any way possible. We are one country and we will survive and we will move forward. And even though the contrast between the coasts will remain the love and the caring will also always remain.


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I have never been raped. Nor have I have been sexually or physically abused by a man. Well ok, once my ex-husband hit me. That was the end of the marriage. I have been lucky. I know that. But I know women who have not been so lucky. I have friends who have been raped. I have friends who have been sexually abused by men they were supposed to be able to trust.

It is horrific what some men will do to women. Whether or not they know them. Whether or not they love them. They can do horrific things.

It felt as though society and the legal system was finally getting real while men continued to do these horrific things. It felt as though society and the legal system were catching up with how things should be and the fact that society should be pissed off at these men; and that the legal system should finally do something to them other than just a slap on the wrist.

But something has happened in this recent political season. So many comments regarding rape have shown where some men still stand. These comments show their true selves…they say what these men truly feel. And these comments take this country back far too many years. They want to take women back to where we no longer have a voice once again.

While I cannot write about this as eloquently as some other women can that certainly does not mean that I am not as pissed off about these idiotic men as they are. All women should truly stop and think about what these men are really saying when they talk about rape. It is not just rape or the consequences that they are talking about. Yes they do believe that any child produced through a rape should be born. But I have yet to see any of these men offer to raise those children. But this conversation goes much deeper than rape, sexual abuse or even abortion. This conversation goes to the fact that these men once again want to put women back to where we were so many years ago. They want to put us back to where we earn so little money that there is no way for any of us to get ahead; they want to make sure women are kept under the control of men. In other words they want to continue to rape us – perhaps not always physically but it still constitutes rape.

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new archbishop

First off I want to state very clearly that I am not Catholic, nor do I hold faith in any other organized religion. Second I am not lesbian, though through the years I have had numerous friends who are gay or lesbian. Yep, I have been hit on and honestly while some of my other friends (straight) don’t like it I guess in a way I sort of do. Hell it just means that someone actually thinks I’m attractive! But in all honesty I don’t think it matters much what my friendImage’s sexual orientation is. The only time it makes any sort of difference to me is if I am in the bedroom with someone. Then yes, then it does make a difference. But I am off track as to what I wanted to talk about here.

As you may or may not know I live in the North Bay area of San Francisco. Yes, that San Francisco. The very diverse one. The very liberal one.

Well it was announced today (or perhaps yesterday – ok, sometime this past week) that there is a new archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco. No this really has no effect on me.

But I found it quite interesting that he is a staunch believer that marriage is only to be between a man and a woman.  In fact, quoted him as stating:

“Marriage can only come about through the embrace of a man and a woman coming together. I don’t see how that is discriminatory against anyone.”

Well I certainly have exception to that statement as I’m sure many others do as well.  But according to the local ABC news here he also indicated that children should be raise by both a mother and a father. Sure in a perfect world I would agree with that. However, we have yet to live in that perfect world.

Had I not left my husband (long long ago) when I did I would venture to bet that my son would have either been dead at a very young age or turned out very different than what he did.  You see my ex-husband was a drug deal who left everything lying around on very low tables where my son at age 2 could very easily have reached it.  Not a very good atmosphere for a young child in my opinion.

But according to this individual my son would best be raised by his father (huh???) and mother. Sorry…I must disagree.  A child should be raised by the individual(s) that can show them love. Whether that be by a single mother, a grandmother, grandparents, two men, two women or a little green man or woman…who cares who the Hell it is raising our children as long as they are loved and cared for?

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