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feeling great…

I’m really feeling good today. Both physically and emotionally and it really feels great! Yesterday I did a 6 mile hike. It was rated in several write-ups as being “moderate”. They lied! It was strenuous and all 13 of us on the hike agreed that it was. But wow was it beautiful and I am so very glad I did it. Right along the north coast of California where we passed through some lovely lush green redwood groves that would open up to beautiful open areas. The hike was pretty much up hill to begin with but then of course downhill on the way out. Not sure which is worse going up or going down. Either way I made it and am really proud of it.

The group I went hiking with is a group I met through meet-up (check them out – they have some really great groups). It is a group of people over a certain age that get out twice a week and sometimes on a weekend to do a walk or hike. Not only have I been getting much more exercise than I have before but have met some really wonderful people.

That is the other thing I have found with my life in the past couple of years. Many of my friends have moved, passed away or just sort of dropped out of doing things. So I have found myself with only a few friends and becoming a real homebody. Oh that is so easy to get into – believe me. But that wasn’t the life I saw for myself. So really made the effort to get out there and meet some new people. This group is really great! Many, if not most, of us are single but that really isn’t the intent of the group. But through this group I have met some people – generally women – that I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. I really feel blessed being able to meet some of the people and feel that some will end up as life long friends.

What a great life!



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well I’m going to do it…

I have never been an exerciser or dieter. Actually for most of my life I never had to worry about it. I could eat what I wanted and never gained weight. But boy I hit the dreaded 50 and wow, everything just changed for me.

Recently I joined a couple of meet-up groups. One of them is a walking/hiking group. Generally the hikes are around 3 or 4 miles. Those are tough on me but so far have been able to do them. Well today we are going on a 6 mile hike. Yikes!!

Hopefully I will make it and will be able to tell all about it. Wish me well.


UPDATE:  Well by my pedometer I did 5.81 miles and burned 719 calories. It was pretty hilly and rocky but really beautiful. So glad I did it! But boy do my feet hurt!

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