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we’re still here…

ImageSo I guess that means that all bills need to be paid, plans kept and blog posts to write! Actually I think this is a good thing. I never really believed the world was going to end but perhaps it is a good time to reflect and hopefully make some changes.


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life at full speed

When I started this blog I was pretty much unemployed and had no boyfriend and well in reality not much of a life. But things change and can change in an instant. Life is funny that way.

But oh how things have changed. I am working again and while I do work from home I am out of the house almost constantly. I am busy…now I am swamped with work. And yes I love it.

Many of you may know that a few months ago I also joined a walking/hiking group. We were a beginning group of mostly women with a few men but all over 50. Well we have just graduated ourselves to intermediate. Yes, I am rather proud of myself. But those hikes and walks take time so again I am away from home.

And then there is New Guy. Yes, he is still around. Pretty amazing if I might say so. But who knew how much time having a boyfriend would take up.

Yes, once again my life is full with work, good friends both new and old and of coure New Guy. What does all that mean?  Well it means that I have really let this little blog of mine go. I did not see that coming and I don’t like it. I have been enjoying this little part of my world. So I have every intention of getting back on track. We’ll just have to see how good at that I am.

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celebrity deaths…

How many of you know that Sally Ride recently passed away? Oh and how many of you know or remember who she was? Her death, at the age of 61, received so little press or news time and yet she was such a huge inspiration to a generation of girls to get into the sciences.

Yet when people such as Whitney Houston, Andy Griffith and the like pass away there are 20 minutes of memorials on the news and everyone talks about them. There are memorials for months afterwards to keep their memories alive. Please, do not get me wrong…those people were huge and were an important part of our lives.

But it is people such as Sally Ride that are truly the heroes. She lived her life contributing and tyring to get young people, especially girls, involved in the sciences. Oh sure, she may have had a female life partner but so what? Does that truly make a difference as to who she was or what she did? The other celebraties that are celebrated upon their deaths are much more open about their sexual lives which in many cases leave much to be desired.

We must learn to look at the right people to be our heroes, to be our legends, our legacies. Those people are not always the ones that are in the news all the time.

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More time spent

How long could it possibly take to set up a blog? It is just a bit of writing and maybe a photo or two, after all. But after spending much time yesterday I spent yet another 1.5 hours looking and playing with “themes”. I liked parts of that one but liked other parts of a different one and did not like this or that. I think…I hope that I finally might actually have this as I want it. But..I reserve the right to change it at any time.

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Blogging newbie…

Well I did it…I have started a blog! Have absolutely no clue what to do now. Well ok, I have just spent the last 45 minutes looking at themes so that I can customize this. There are 7 that I like so how do I whittle it down to just one? And then of course once I pick that special theme then I get to customize it even more. Think this may take me a bit longer than I had originally planned on. Oh my, all these decisions are making my head spin. Think I’ll go grab another cup of coffee and think about it a bit more. I’ll be back though with a new and hopefully improved blog. Then I can get down to the business of blogging.

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Hello world!

I have never been one to keep a diary or really any sort of journal My sister was great at doing so but not me. I have tried…several times to do so but got frustrated as I felt I needed to do it daily. I don’t feel that anymore though I do realize that it does need to stay current.

That is my goal here – to stay current. It is my hope to post at least once a week. And what will I be posting about? Oh pretty much anything that pops into my head. Could be politics, religion, technology, society, living solo or my venture into finding my creative side. We shall just have to wait and see.

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