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social media

has, in my mind gone a bit too far. Sure I have a Facebook page but honestly that is to keep in touch with friends and family. It really is. I do not have hundreds of friends on there. In fact I have fewer than 50 Facebook friends. And if I don’t know you I doubt that I would accept your “friends” request.

It isn’t that I dislike Facebook but it really is pretty much the only “social media” site that I use. I don’t use Twitter and really don’t understand that and am not sure really what other social media sites there are out there.

But I must say that I do tend to get a bit frustrated and a bit perturbed at time. It seems that everything is now linked in one way or another to Facebook. And frankly my dear…I don’t want things linked to my Facebook.

I wanted to post a comment about an article on a newspaper site (local paper) but had to use my FB account to do so. What??? Why???

And Pintrest links (or can link) to FB. Now why do I want to show everyone on FB what I happen to like on Pintrest? Frankly I doubt that they would even care?

I have been walking and hiking lately and have downloaded a couple of apps to try to help me keep track of what I have done. Many of them also link to FB. Yes, I have a choice but come on…lighten up a bit. No one really cares how far I have walked.

I have separate lives in that I say things on here that I would never consider saying on Facebook. I “like” things or share things on Facebook that are most likely not really applicable to post on here.

If I want my friends and family to know what I like on Pintrest, what kind of comments I make or how far I walk I will most certainly let them know. But in all honesty I’m a bit turned off with everything linking somehow to Facebook. I suppose this really is the way that social media is taking but don’t we already give out perhaps a bit too much of ourselves?

And yes…before everyone gets all over me I am well aware that you don’t have to link everything. Well except for the newspaper.



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on writing in this new age

It’s a new world – I get that. Well ok, it is for some of us of a certain age anyway. And I love most of what this new world has brought us in the way of technology. It has given us great ways to stay in touch, communicate and work. But it has also done other things that, well I don’t think are really all that great.

I have several friends that are, of course, of a certain age, that are intelligent individuals. One is a friend both in real life and on Facebook while the other is a friend in real life and email. Both of these women speak very well and intelligently. But with the first one there are many (and yes I mean many) times that I have such difficulty reading her emails and postings. Why? Because she uses abbreviations so much that I have no idea what they mean. The second person while I do totally understand all of her writings I find it difficult to understand how someone of her age cannot spell certain words. She is now retired but worked for many years in an office and I rather doubt she would have been able to get away with that there. The words she misspells are words that the younger generation are using more and more.

Am I wrong to think that good grammar and spelling are still very important skills to obtain and retain? Is it the fact that these people really don’t know the rules of spelling or grammar or have they just become lazy? I’m really not all that sure. The gal that is retired will most likely never have to worry again if her spelling is correct and probably really doesn’t care. But I fear for the younger generation who are using all of the abbreviations and shortened versions of words

IDK what is wrong…prolly just a bit lazy JMHO. JTOL that there really is much more I could say on this topic…which I most likely will at some point. TTYL.

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she hates technology…

is what a friend stated last night. When asked why she hated it she replied that it has turned people into being rude. I suggested to her, quite strongly I might add, that perhaps it wasn’t technology that she hated but the way society has interacted with technology. No, she was adamant that it was technology. Several of us agreed that it really isn’t technology as technology (ie, computers, tablets, phones, etc) can only do what they are programed (by humans I might add) to do.

I too feel that society has not yet learned how to deal with technology. We still see people walking around talking, rather loudly at that, on the phone. And surprisingly many, if not most, of the conversations I have overhead have been of a personal nature.

When people really began to use cell phone on a fairly regular basis and friend of mine and I went to dinner. Just before we were served our entrees he answered his phone and proceeded to talk to his daughter. It was not an urgent call by any stretch of the imagination. As I sat there basically twiddling my thumbs he continued to talk. Eventually I placed some money on the table and got up and walked out. He later called me to see if everything was alright. I explained it was and that I did not appreciate him talking on the phone while we were supposed to be at dinner. He honestly did not understand. That is until about a month later when he was at dinner with another friend. The other friend took a call and continued with apparently a rather long discussion about a mutual friend. He called me the following day and apologized. He is now very conscious of turning his phone off.

But so many people seem to feel that the world is just going to stop if they don’t respond to a text or email or phone call immediately. But I have to ask what exactly is all that important? Even I business many of those calls and emails can wait even an hour or so.
No, it is not technology my friend hates but it is how society has come to treat technology. Perhaps we could all do our share and step away from it once in a while.

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please press 15 for…

Whatever happened to having someone with a wonderful smile in their voice answering a telephone? They would then tell you if the person you wanted was available or not and would actually take a message for that person if they were unavailable. Oh and sometimes they might even be able to help you or find someone else that could!

A receptionist used to be the voice of the company. But no more. No, technology has taken over and just about every business, large and small, now has voice mail. Do you know how very much I hate voice mail?

First you have to figure out what language you want to hear the recording in. Yes, I will admit that I resent this, quite a bit in fact. Then you have to listen to these messages and try and figure out the best option for you. Generally what you want – or at least what I want – is not listed on the message. What to do then?

The ones I love, though, are doctor’s offices. Have you ever listened to them? There is one that I call on a somewhat regular basis. The message is quite long and goes into some detail that if you want to schedule with this doctor press 7, that doctor press 4, for x-ray press 9, for this press 8, for that press 2, and on and on and on. Five minutes later they also tell you that if this is an emergency please hang up and call 911. Gosh don’t you think they could have said that at the beginning?

I called one place that gave all the people’s names and extension but no option if you didn’t know who you needed to talk. I just picked a number and left a message. A very rude man called back and told me that I had the wrong person. Well excuuuuuse me!

And I do truly believe that people use voice mail as an excuse to not have to talk to anyone. How can it be that everyone is always on the phone or away from their desk every time you call? And I truly want to know what happens to all the messages I leave for people. Where do they end up? They must not reach the targeted destination as so few people really do call back.

Don’t get me wrong I love the new technology but I also miss the personal service we used to get. I miss talking to a live person who can actually help you.

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the internet – part 1

Ok, I love technology. And yes, I love the internet. And I admit I am probably on the internet way too much. But I have a gripe about it which is mostly about sites that provide specific information about software or new items such as new phones or computers. Or I suppose really any site that provides information of any sort.

I was reading up on something just the other day – I think trying to compare some software. Ran across a website that sounded pretty good and had some decent write-ups. But when I went to look for some other information I realized that the website I was looking at was very outdated. The article had been written in April. Ok then should be good right? Well not necessarily as it never indicated what year it was written in.

I think there should be an international law that states that every single post anywhere on the internet should be dated with the month, day and year that it was written.

And the second international law should be that all search engines look at those dates when we are researching things and put the newest items first. Yea, you would think that would be the way it is but I guarantee that in my research of things it does not work that way.

And yes, I’m sure there will be more on this topic or at least dealing with the internet in the future.

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yoga and cell phones

I think most people understand what yoga is don’t they? Yes, it is a form of exercise but it is a mental and spiritual discipline. Classes tend to be slower than other forms of exercise and they tend to be on the quiet side. I also think that most of us that attend these classes rather expect some peace and quiet while we concentrate and relax.

Well it was recently reported that a yoga teacher was fired. She taught at several different locations, one of which was a very well-known social network company. She begins all of her classes asking the attendees to turn off their cell phones but apparently one person did not do so and in fact began to use her phone during the class. The instructor did not say anything to her at all, however, did apparently give her a strict look.

Yes this situation took place in Silicon Valley where people do feel entitled and feel the need to remain connected. But truly what can possibly be so important that it can’t wait for an hour? Did anyone else not even notice since it was after all located at a large social media firm in Silicon Valley?

And does that actually excuse anything? I wonder what would have happened had this situation taken place somewhere in mid America? Do we really need to stay connected 24 hours a day? What would happen if we did not respond to something right away?

At some point we need to remember that there is a courtesy toward others that should be respected. At some point people need to realize that there are places in which “staying connected” is not acceptable. If you are going to a yoga class you should realize this, especially if the instructor requests no cell phones at the beginning of class. People…the world will not end if you do not respond to a message or check your social media right away. That is a promise I can make to you (well unless you are the president!)

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