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How the heck did you do that?

I mean really…that is pretty amazing! Just like you!

Find this site I mean. After all I have not done anything with it since 2010!

All is not lost though if you would still like to follow me and see what is going on these days. You see I have a new site at

Why don’t you pop on over and say Hi…


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we’re still here…

ImageSo I guess that means that all bills need to be paid, plans kept and blog posts to write! Actually I think this is a good thing. I never really believed the world was going to end but perhaps it is a good time to reflect and hopefully make some changes.

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Newtown, Conn – forever changed

ImageAs with most of you my heart breaks for the families, friends and entire community of Newtown, Conn. Posts like this – and many others of a similar nature – should never have to be written. But they will be written and will be done so after this case as well.

 While I have not heard it yet I am sure the issue of gun control will once again surface. Honestly, I do not belong to either side of this particular issue. But I will tell you that gun control will not stop people such as this young man today. If someone is insistent upon obtaining a gun they will do so. Criminals will always be able to do so. If they do not follow the law in registering or other laws in regard to the gun control issue why the Hell would they follow any other law? No this issue is much larger than gun control.

 But what is the issue? Why did this young man go to an elementary school and shoot so many individuals? I’m afraid to say that we will most likely never know the entire story of what made him do it. Just as we have never learned the full stories of other mass shooters. Yes, there is speculation on some and there are actually notes, etc in regard to others. But there must be a combination of things that push someone such as this individual today to take that final step. What is it? What makes these people take that step?

 Personally I believe that there is  combination of circumstances that push these people to the brink. I suppose in a small way the breakdown of the family is a portion of this. However, I do not believe it is a large part as my son and most of his friends were raised entirely by single parents and all of them have turned out to be wonderful human beings. And mind you that family does not always mean a mother, father and 2.5 children. It can be a wide combination of people.

 But I also feel that movies and video games have taken things a bit far as well. Don’t get me wrong…I love movies and yes, even as a woman of a certain age, I do love video games. But there is so much bloodshed in both of those genre’s that one must question that.

And then of course there is society itself. Perhaps these young people that do these shootings did not fit in where they wanted. Perhaps they were bullied or pushed out of the clique they wanted to be in. Those actions can be very hurtful and can turn a person inside with no one to talk to. And who do these people have to talk to? I’m sure there are counselors of every kind that might be available to them, but do they know that? Are those places publicized all the time? We must get the word out there that there is help – for everyone!

And lastly the economy and the state of our nation probably does not help very much. Anyone, especially those young men that generally do these things are, like so many of us, having a great deal of difficulty finding or keeping jobs. If they are lucky enough to find something they can barely survive on what they earn.


All in all I believe it is not one specific thing that makes these individuals do what they do. No, I am not by any means, providing excuses – as there truly are none. But we, as a society must get our act together and work toward strengthening this county and our economy. We must as a society determine if we will continue making the video games and movies that all cry for more bloodshed. We must provide confidential places for these individuals to go in order to obtain the help they so desperately need.

 Again…my heart goes to those in the of Newtown, Conn. I cannot comprehend the sadness that you must be dealing with.

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Oh my…

I have been given an award!  Thank you Smiles.  I have so much to do today but in between will try and get that posted so I can play it forward.

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You live alone?

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