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little did I know…

how much time a relationship would take. I never even thought about the things I would no longer have time for once I became involved with someone. But it is true! I have been nominated for two awards by another blogger but have not even had the time to thank her or follow up with those as one is supposed to do.

We see each other on a pretty regular basis and in fact spent the entire Labor Day weekend together. Honestly, I was a bit afraid to spend that much time with him as I have been single and living alone for over 30 years! But I must admit it was quite nice having him around. He even makes the bed in the morning…without my asking! He takes his shoes off when he enters the house even without my asking (of course I don’t even do that!).

New Guy and I did a lot over the weekend. It included going to a very large art festival. He is an artist so it was interesting to hear some of his comments. Me? I just appreciate nice things. We wandered around a great little town and checked out all the boutiques there. He is really a great shopper! Oh and speaking of shopping he went with me to help find something to wear to an upcoming wedding! And we even went out to play his very first round of golf. He had recently been given a full set of golf clubs by a friend of mine. He kept telling me there would be no problems with his putting but perhaps his drives would need some help. After the nine holes we played he did admit that perhaps some lessons would be in order.

But there was one moment that stood out for me from this weekend. It was the moment that I think I realized that my feelings for New Guy were getting stronger and that maybe this guy is going to really be around a very long time. It was Sunday evening and we were both just a bit tired. Didn’t want to go to a movie and nothing at all on TV. We headed to the bedroom (ok, get your mind out of the gutter) and he began working on a crossword puzzle and I with my Kindle book. Pretty soon I realized I was not really reading so I leaned over to help him with his puzzle. He was laying there with his sweats on and I was leaning over him. At one point he just looked up at me and it was just that very short moment in time that will remain with me for a lifetime.

Isn’t it amazing how it is the little things? Just those tiny smiles or looks that only last seconds? But they mean oh so very much.

But again…my apologies…I had no clue that being in a relationship would take up so much of my time. Hopefully as the newness of this wears off I will have a bit more time to get back into this blog. But in the meantime I intend on enjoying every second with New Guy.


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life at full speed

When I started this blog I was pretty much unemployed and had no boyfriend and well in reality not much of a life. But things change and can change in an instant. Life is funny that way.

But oh how things have changed. I am working again and while I do work from home I am out of the house almost constantly. I am busy…now I am swamped with work. And yes I love it.

Many of you may know that a few months ago I also joined a walking/hiking group. We were a beginning group of mostly women with a few men but all over 50. Well we have just graduated ourselves to intermediate. Yes, I am rather proud of myself. But those hikes and walks take time so again I am away from home.

And then there is New Guy. Yes, he is still around. Pretty amazing if I might say so. But who knew how much time having a boyfriend would take up.

Yes, once again my life is full with work, good friends both new and old and of coure New Guy. What does all that mean?  Well it means that I have really let this little blog of mine go. I did not see that coming and I don’t like it. I have been enjoying this little part of my world. So I have every intention of getting back on track. We’ll just have to see how good at that I am.

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my first thank you…

I started this blog really just for me. Of course, like the rest of the bloggers out there I most certainly wanted people to read it and naturally love it. But in reality I did not feel that people would be reading it. After all, why should they? It really isn’t about anything earth shattering. It has no true purpose, though someday perhaps I might change that. It does not deal with one thing in particular. So why should people read it and why should others like it?

Nope, I do not have answers to those questions. But I do have a few people following me. Ok at this point just 18 but that is 18 more than I would have ever anticipated. And one of those followers, who was one of my first followers, I feel I have begun to know on a pretty good basis. While we lead extremely different lives – we are of different generations and different lifestyles – it is amazing how much in common we actually have. Thank you smiles for your posts and your comments.

There are others that have either “liked” a post or begun to follow me and I am naturally very curious as to who they are. In checking those out I have run across some fabulous blogs and wonderful people. There is some absolutely fantastic photography being shown, some hilarious stories as well as some very sad and profound ones. There are the mommy blogs which I don’t really have much in common but some are so hilarious they actually do cheer me up in the morning. Sorry mommies but your children’s antics really are funny to those who have been there, done that. You too shall laugh at those someday.

Then there are those that try and lift people up or put a positive spin on things. Or those that try and help people find their way in life. And we can’t forget the political blogs or even one or two about the dead. And while I realize that many of these bloggers live halfway around the world from me they are also so very close. It is true…the world has become a much smaller place.

The writing on many of these blogs is excellent and can certainly be considered professional. While others are written in just plain everyday vernacular. Some are short while others go into deep detail. Some of the personal once can be and many are so heartbreaking and yet at the end of the day also could be considered joyous.

So to each and every one of you who has found my little place on this world wide web I thank you. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to reading your writings and learning more about you and what makes you tick.

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