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ImageI was watching TV the other night and heard that one of the news commentators had tweeted something about doing 26 Random Acts of Kindness to show support for those in Connecticut. The report made it sound as though no one had ever thought of doing anything like this before. It made it sound as though no one ever did these acts of kindness. It made it sound as though it was her idea alone. Ok, so I will let her have that if that is what she needs.

But…with that being said I truly think many of us do these Random Acts of Kindness every day, sometimes without even realizing it.

I had started a post earlier but then began to rethink it. I was going to post about some of the things I have read about where people do a specified number of Acts of Kindness on their birthdays.  Well being a woman of a certain age I thought that was perhaps a few too many – at least for one day. So I had thought about doing it on an everyday basis.  I went through and looked at different lists and made my own list. Being quasi unemployed I had to go with things that did not cost anything. And yes, there are a ton of them out there.

In the middle of writing that post I had to stop and run some errands. While doing so I stopped to pick up a few groceries. In the parking lot I reminded a lady that was just backing out that she had a cup of coffee on the top of her car – which she had completely forgotten about.  While in line to purchase my goodies I let someone go in front of me as she kept looking at her watch. She thanked me profusely and explained that she had to get her daughter to a doctor’s appointment but had run out of diapers that she desperately needed.

When I returned home and back to my post I realized something. I realized that I do many Random Acts of Kindness throughout my week (some days I don’t go out). And I realized that they do not have to come from a list that someone else has set up.

But more importantly I realized that I do not have to tell the world what a wonderful person I am by doing these Acts of Kindness. I know I do them. I have always done them without really thinking about it. I feel good doing them. And I will continue to do them as I have always done.

The point is this…I think many of us do these Random Acts of Kindness. Not because some news person suggested it. Not because some website has recommended it. But because that is who we are. And we don’t need to advertise it. We do it because it is the right thing to do.


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