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life has been…

flowers - 20well life. I am searching for work. While I would love a part-time job it would have to be one in which I could control the hours so I could keep the part-time job I currently have which does not have specific hours. Apparently even with part-time work they expect specific hours. Or, I would like a full-time job but my goodness those are certainly few and far between these days.

I understand that “gigs” are the new wave of the work world. But for some reason that really scares me. Plus what do I do? How do I do it? Yea, I know there are all those sites out there to get you through it…I have read them all. Maybe someday soon I will actually sign up for one or maybe two.

Actually I would like to work for myself. Have thought of a couple of businesses I could do. But it is the marketing that always stops me. I cannot get out there and “sell” myself. Have never been able to do that. I can sell someone else’s business if I know them and respect them but to sell me? Nope, no can do.

And of course since I am not working all that much I don’t have all that much money. So while I have a ton of free time I have no money to go do anything! I believe that is the ultimate Catch-22. Things will change…they have to…and yes I know it is me that has to make those changes.


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life at full speed

When I started this blog I was pretty much unemployed and had no boyfriend and well in reality not much of a life. But things change and can change in an instant. Life is funny that way.

But oh how things have changed. I am working again and while I do work from home I am out of the house almost constantly. I am busy…now I am swamped with work. And yes I love it.

Many of you may know that a few months ago I also joined a walking/hiking group. We were a beginning group of mostly women with a few men but all over 50. Well we have just graduated ourselves to intermediate. Yes, I am rather proud of myself. But those hikes and walks take time so again I am away from home.

And then there is New Guy. Yes, he is still around. Pretty amazing if I might say so. But who knew how much time having a boyfriend would take up.

Yes, once again my life is full with work, good friends both new and old and of coure New Guy. What does all that mean?  Well it means that I have really let this little blog of mine go. I did not see that coming and I don’t like it. I have been enjoying this little part of my world. So I have every intention of getting back on track. We’ll just have to see how good at that I am.

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